Smart Exercise Solutions

Exercise with a plan that matches your specific strength and flexibility needs.

Start exercising efficiently.

We utilize a thorough assessment to discern how to organize your strength and flexibility program. Knowing which muscles are weak and which are tight allows us to focus your energy where it will provide the best return on investment. As a result, we can effectively improve how your body moves and feels.

Reduce aches and chronic injuries.

Our targeted program is geared towards discovering and correcting weak and tight areas to build a more mechanically sound body. Improving these issues along with postural and movement education can have a strong positive impact on low back pain, shoulder issues, knee aches and other joint and muscle problems.

Train in a private studio gym.

There is never a crowd and there are no membership fees. We are located in Los Altos in close proximity to Palo Alto and Mountain View.

Success Stories

quote1Eva is warm, imaginative, and intuitive, and she knows a lot about anatomy and how to remedy strain in the muscles/frame. I'm feeling much better, and I have Eva to thank for that. — Casey C.

quote1My posture and core strength have improved and I no longer have aches and pains. I would not have believed how much of a difference Ryan made in my general health and well-being. — Donna H.


Why poor posture can make shoulder presses a bad idea

Shoulder presses and other overhead exercises such as military presses and Turkish get ups can be great for developing shoulder stability and strength. For some individuals with poor posture, however, these exercises may exacerbate or even create shoulder injuries. When not to lift overhead If you are unable to reverse or totally flatten the curve […]

Runners: Research says your patellar and Achilles tendinitis is something else.

Achilles tendinitis and patellar tendinitis are common stated issues among runners. What have we known for the last two decades but have been very slow to implement regarding these conditions? The burning sensation and pain associated with tendinitis is really something else–tendonosis. The difference between -itis and -osis Tendinitis is an inflammatory condition. Research in […]